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Get To Know Me A Little As I Share My Stories, Songs, Journals, Pictures And Many More!

Scroll below to find my social media accounts and some of my latest posts!

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My Social Media

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In my YouTube channel, I upload videos on random things like my hobbies, presentations, vlogs, etc.


On my Insta account, I will post pictures of projects, arts and some of my videos.


You can contact me on my email for collaborations, ideas,etc.

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My Latest Posts

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    Hi guys! I know I’ve been rather inactive the past few weeks. I decided to make […]
  • Without You
    Our time comes to an end; As the time we spend, Is pasted in our memories, […]
  • Love
    Love transcends every other emotion When the one you love is right in front of you […]
  • All About My Favourites- FPQ
    This is my response to Fandago’s Provocative Question. This is gonna be hard to do because […]
  • Loyalty- An Important Element (SoCS)
    Loyalty is what I feel is an essential element in a relationship. It takes trust, affinity, […]